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Valve releases update for Steam


Valve has released an update to the Steam client. The update fixes a number of issues with the client while also adding support for virtual reality on both Linux and Mac. Other changes include: Fixed in game overlay sometimes not activating on first hot key press after game launch Fix a rare crash during login inside of Big Picture if ...

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Evolve Alpha has arrived, only NA residents eligible for now


Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have just announced that Evolve will be entering the Alpha testing phase very soon. Those who wish to participate must meet a few requirements in order to be considered eligible for testing. First off, you must be located in mainland North America. Next, you must own a PC capable of running Evolve (we’ve posted the ...

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Crytek launches free-to-play shooter Warface on Steam


Crytek launched the free-to-play multiplayer FPS Warface on Steam today. The game hasn’t been very well received in most parts of the world before, but the company hopes that this move will change all that. “Bringing Warface to Steam paves the way for a new audience to discover the game’s engrossing cooperative and competitive action; completely for free,” Warface director Hasit Zala said. “As ...

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EA expects a great Xbox One vs PS4 fight during the Holiday


Console owners are not the only ones interested in how the Xbox One vs PS4 battle evolves, many companies also have their reasons for keeping a close eye on the situation. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry International, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore talks about the importance of the second Holiday season for next-gen systems. Xbox One and PS4 launched during ...

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Over 7 thousand stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam Codes revoked


Sniper Elite 3 developer Rebellion has announced in a forum post on Steam that “a total of 7050 Sniper Elite 3 keys were compromised”, and have revoked all these codes. Rebellion says that these Steam keys were stolen from them and sold to multiple unregistered vendors. From the official post: “To clarify, one of our PC retail distributors informed us ...

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Dead Rising 3 PC launches September 5th according to Steam


Capcom announced earlier this month that Dead Rising 3 will be making its way to the PC sometime in the near future. According to Steam, the title will be released on September 5th and it’s already available for pre-order. Additionally, you can even get it pretty cheap if you move fast because the game is part of the Steam Summer Sale and comes ...

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Gamers should not be treated as criminals with DRM says GOG


Developers, publishers and service providers should not focus on treating paying customers as criminals with restrictive DRM (digital rights management) according to GOG. Speaking to Eurogamer Guillaume Rambourg, vice president of GOG North America, said: “DRM is only impacting the good-hearted passionate gamers out there. The very same gamers who are ready to spend $50 or more to own their ...

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Beware of the latest Dota 2 phishing scam


Malwarebytes warns on their blog that a Dota 2 phishing page has been spotted recently. The company is one of the best when it comes to malware threats and often posts security-related news on their blog so they are to be trusted. Furthermore, players have also reported this on the Steam forums these last few days. The page they warn about ...

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SteamBoy lets you play Steam games on the go


SteamBoy is an upcoming handheld gaming console that lets you play most of the games available on Steam. The project was revealed at E3 2014 by the Steamboy Machine Team, a third party company not affiliated with Valve. The console itself looks like a hybrid between the PS Vita and the latest Steam Controller. The company describes their product like this: ...

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