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Steam Fined Millions for Refusing Game Refunds


It seems digital distribution giant Steam is in hot water with the Australian government. Australia is known for having very strict consumer protection laws that were set in place to make sure that citizens don’t fall victim to false advertising and other misleading business tactics. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has a large amount of power over the ...

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Steam Sale Offers Many Great on Classics

Despite the many newer games on sale, the annual winter Steam sale is a great time to pick up some classic games.

Sometimes there are simply too many great deals during the annual winter Steam sale, and it’s difficult to protect your wallet! Fortunately, there are plenty of classic PC games that cost less than $5 and can keep your library stocked for the coming year. While this list is not exhaustive, it’s a good place to start if you haven’t played any ...

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Valve Has a 3 Million Dollar Fine Suggested


I think it’s safe to say that everyone was happy to see Steam get a refund policy. While refunds weren’t unheard of before then, they tended to be rather rare and hard to get. A lot of hoops had to be jumped through. Now, while there are quite a few restrictions, customers have a reliable source of refunds. A couple ...

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Salvaged Released on Steam


In a lot of ways, virtual reality is the new wild, untamed frontier of gaming. It’s the current hot topic that everyone seems to be talking about when it comes to innovating in gaming. It is also, however, an area that is risky to settle, and may not necessarily pay off. Last generation, motion controls seemed like the future of ...

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Candle Released on Steam


Gaming has certainly changed since its inception, particularly in how games are released. It’s easier to get a game released now than it ever has been before. Gone are the days where a developer would have to go through a major console manufacturer. Now, particularly with the days of the internet, more and more platforms are becoming available. Not just ...

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Great and underrated games are now in Humble Bundle!

Chroma Squad

Humble Bundle has been an excellent, economical way of getting fun games for a very small price while helping charity at the same time. Ever since its first appearance in 2010 hundreds of games have been available, from Saints Row to Thomas was Alone, from Metro 2033 to Thief. And until the first days of October, there is not only ...

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Halloween Sale Goes Live on Steam


Steam has become associated with a lot of things over the years, not all of them good. However, one thing that nearly always comes to mind when Steam is mentioned is their sales. You don’t need to look far on the internet to fully appreciate the sensation that they have become. Not just their daily and weekly sales, but their ...

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Quantum Break sells badly on Steam

Quantum Break

Quantum Break hasn’t really had the best time since its release on April 5th of this year. Remedy Entertainment’s latest game was received with mixed opinions from the general public and sales figures were a result of this divisive reception, with the game barely scraping a #7 on the american NPD results for April and failing to reach 200,000 units sold ...

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Adam Wolfe, Episode I Review


Adam Wolfe is a type of game that we don’t see very often anymore. Hidden object puzzles have been forced out of modern gaming, and the point and click adventure game has fallen out of favor with many modern gamers. It’s sad, really, because there’s a reason these games used to be so popular – they’re a lot of fun. Adam ...

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The beloved Stardew Valley gets gigantic update today!

stardew valley update october 3

Developed by the developer ConcernedApe and published by Chucklefish Games (The team that developed Starbound and published Risk of Rain), Stardew Valley was one of the biggest surprises of the year, a Harvest Moon-inspired farming simulator that silently released on February to positive critical reception but it was also completely embraced by the gaming community, with 400’000 copies sold in two weeks. Since ...

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