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Steam’s In Trouble, And You Should Be Happy About It


For the longest time, Steam has been the biggest juggernaut in the PC gaming industry. While PC gamers have been relatively happy with their service up to this point, the PC market has lacked one benefit that the console market has thrived on: competition. For many decades now, consoles were driven by trying to constantly one-up their competitors,  and the industry has ...

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Top 10 Steam Summer Sale Encore Deals


The Steam summer sale is coming to a close this dear, taking with it the majority of the PC community’s hard-earned cash. With fantastic games going on sale for dirt cheap every 12 hours, it’s almost impossible to keep up with every diamond in the rough, or even some of the more hyped games coming on sale. Thankfully, in the ...

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Witcher 3 Bovine Defense Force saves virtual cows


The Witcher 3 has been out for about half a month, so it’s bound to have some bugs and glitches to be smoothed out. But one of the more interesting fixes said the new patch would deploy the “Bovine Defense Force Initiative,” and holy cow, it causes a giant cow monster to spawn whenever a player tries to exploit the ...

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Steam’s New Refund System Doesn’t Hurt Indies


Just a week ago, Steam introduced something that the PC gaming market has been asking for for a long time: A reliable way to refund your purchases. When this launched, it was hailed as one of the greatest things that Steam has done for some time – and it seems like the perfect solution to many of their problems. No ...

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Steam now offers refunds for almost any reason

Steam refund

With PC games, sometimes its hard to tell whether or not you want to keep a game that you just downloaded. Maybe your PC just cant run it well, maybe you brought a game that had a convincing description, or maybe you just bought a bunch of games that had a ridiculously low price but in retrospect you were never ...

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Steam Summer Sale Date Has Been Leaked

The Steam Sale date has been announced

It seems like it’s that time of year again, almost. Summer is just around the corner and for PC gamers that means Steam’s Summer Sale is on its way. Good news for gamers, bad news for wallets. In case you missed it, IGN Russia discovered what may have been an accidental post on Steam’s behalf announcing the sale’s date. It appears ...

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Brilliant Action-RPG Umbra Launches Kickstarter


Umbra is an isometric action-RPG set in a corrupted and devastated world. As a former officer of the Human Republic, you have been exiled and forced to flee persecution as a result of the magical powers that you have newly and unexpectedly developed. Aided by a mysterious group of Templars who shield you from the humans and monsters that have ...

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Half-Life Remake Black Mesa Hits Steam Early Access

Black Mesa

A countdown clock on the page of Half-Life fan remake Black Mesa expired with the announcement of a Steam Early Access version of the Source Engine mod. The Early Access version of Black Mesa, billed as “85 percent complete”, is available for $20 through the online retailer.  It features the majority of the single player campaign (minus the end-game Xen portion) ...

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Will Steam eventually bring back paid mods?


Last week, Steam brought in a controversial new design to their Steam Workshop. They chose to begin charging for the mods available for Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one the most modded games on Steam. This lead to huge fan backlash, and a few days later Valve went back on their decision, stating, “We think this made us miss the mark pretty ...

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