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Microsoft Acquires Surface Digital Pen From N-Trig


Microsoft has shelled out $30 million in acquiring the technology for the Surface Digital Pen from their Israeli partner, N-Trig. The company has been responsible for this type of digital writing, especially playing a key part in the development of pen-input technologies used by Microsoft and other tech companies. The move comes as a surprise, especially among claims that N-Trig was ...

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Microsoft buys N-Trig for a new research team


Microsoft is reportedly buying N-Trig, the firm which has made the critically acclaimed Surface Pens. The styli manufacturer is going to be integrated into Microsoft’s Israeli branch where they will be making up a new research and development center for the Redmond-giant. Reuters reports that Microsoft is going to pay around $200 million for the company and all of its ...

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LG G4 to feature a stylus pen and 5.3-inch display

LG G4 to pack 5.3-inch display and stylus pen

The battle between LG and Samsung is about to get a lot more heated with the arrival of the upcoming LG G4 flagship. The company’s current flagship could be considered a worthy competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if not for one very important detail. The phablet is much more sought after thanks to its stylus pen, among other ...

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Surface Pro 3 users can now get the Surface Hub app

Surface Pro

Microsoft was rumored to be cutting the entire Surface line earlier this month, but the rumor was quickly dismissed by the company, which in turn released the new Surface Hub application for the Surface Pen used on the Surface Pro 3 convertible notebook. Microsoft even went on to say that a future Surface device is already in the works, so ...

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Galaxy Note 4 vs OnePlus One – behemoth battle

galaxy note 4

Since the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has just gone up for sale in retail stores and carriers in different countries, the time is opportune to review what this phablet from Samsung is capable of doing. On the other hand, the OnePlus One flagship killer will be up for sale at the end of next month, so some of you might ...

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Adobe announces their new products, Ink and Slide


Adobe is trying its hand at hardware now it seems. The company just released a stylus and a ruler called the Ink and the Slide, which help customers on the go get the most out of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite. To get both of them it will cost you$199. These are iPad only and you’ll have access to three new ...

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