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Lenovo is changing their future policies as Superfish fiasco takes its toll


Lenovo and its Superfish have been widely popular on every website, social media network and Youtube channel you can imagine, and the backlash towards the adware that the company installed on its computers is massive. Even though Lenovo tried completely removing Superfish, it failed in doing so in such a way that it would leave computers secure. Microsoft quickly intervened ...

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Lenovo gets a dose of Karma from Lizard Squad


Lenovo has been the target of outrage in the past few days after the Superfish adware has been proven a security liability for many Lenovo computer users. The Superfish adware was injected by Lenovo into its own computers and after users started complaining about the adware and security firms started researching its effects, Lenovo quickly tried to explain that Superfish ...

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