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Microsoft launches affordable Surface 3 convertible, new pens, keyboards


Microsoft has surprised everyone with a fresh new addition to their Surface convertible line-up: the affordable Surface 3 convertible. Most of you are probably most familiar with the Surface Pro 3, which is an expensive, but powerful convertible device from the Redmond giant. Microsoft decided to go the affordable way this time, and launched the new, super-cheap Surface 3, a ...

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Will the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 be the next big hit?


Microsoft has had moderate success with the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but rumors about a successor, the Surface Pro 4 are already popping up online. The Surface Pro 3 is a hit when it comes to convertibles, and aside from a few minor bugs certain users have experienced with the device, it seems like a worthwhile investment. ...

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Surface Pro 3 users can now get the Surface Hub app

Surface Pro

Microsoft was rumored to be cutting the entire Surface line earlier this month, but the rumor was quickly dismissed by the company, which in turn released the new Surface Hub application for the Surface Pen used on the Surface Pro 3 convertible notebook. Microsoft even went on to say that a future Surface device is already in the works, so ...

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Surface Pro 3 receives update – problem solved.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet has been well received by many thanks to its thin and light design rivaling that of the iPad Air, but users encountered problems with the device soon enough, reporting serious overheating issues and WiFi inconsistencies.  Microsoft has heard the cry of Surface Pro 3 fans and has announced an update to be released soon. ...

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Which tablet should I get: the iPad Air or the Surface Pro 3

Tablets have moved to the background of our news reports lately, mostly because we’ve been focusing on the latest flagship smartphones that have been launched this year. The time has come, though, to discuss a bit about which of the two most popular tablets should one get: the iPad Air or the Surface Pro 3. Of course, these are not ...

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Surface Pro 3 to receive update that fixes overheating issues

Users of the lately release Surface Pro 3 tablet have been voicing complaints that their tablets have been experiencing overheating problems and even shutting down due to temperature increase. Most users experiencing these problems were Surface Pro Intel i7 users and they’ve been baffled by their devices’ inability to cope with basic tasks. Surface Pro 3 i5 users have reported ...

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DirectX 12 will greatly enhance tablet gaming as demonstrated by Intel


Microsoft’s newest collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) will come with a host of features that will greatly improve both PC and Xbox One gaming. But what about other devices? Well, it seems that DirectX 12 will be even more effective at improving the performance of thermally constrained devices such as tablets. Intel proved this by doing a demonstration this week as ...

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Check out Surface Pro 3’s CPU info and pricing!

The Surface Pro 3 was announced earlier this week and the official specifications sheet was saying that the tablet will be available with the 4th generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. Microsoft’s engineers explained though, what are the specifications for the base and top models, separately. The base model – i3 i3 – 4020Y processor 1.5 GHz, Intel ...

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