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The Eye Tribe – A futuristic device control


Ever since the era of Sci-Fi movies began, mankind was inspired by cinema’s titans like Star Wars or Star Trek where interacting with technology was conducted on a much more evolved level than the physical approach. Movies like these and our need for comfort dictated that we should develop our technology in such a manner that we replace buttons with simple motions of ...

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Acer Chromebook is getting Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor


The very accessible Chromebooks from Acer are now even more attractive because they are now more powerful. Acer has been gearing-up its devices with more powerful processors, adding Intel CPUs to previous models and Nvidia’s Tegra K1 to the latest Chromebook 13 models. The Tegra K1 processor was recently added to Nvidia’s Shield Tablets and, as it turned out to ...

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Can the Nexus Foo be real?


There has been a massive leak on a benchmark site of a new Nexus device dubbed Foo. That’s all we can say is completely and unequivocally true. The name does confuse already, since we have been used to Nexus [aquatic animal] [series number] format from Google, so this is something indisputably new and unheard of. What the benchmark reveals is ...

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GameVice snap-on controller announced for iPad Mini


Wikipad are bringing a snap on controller to the iPad Mini called the Gamevice. The MFi controller attaches to the Apple tablet, bringing more traditional gaming controls to the tablet. The full specifications include dual analog sticks, triggers, a d-pad, four face buttons and shoulder buttons. From looking at the picture you will probably have noticed the similarity between the ...

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Acer announced the Android-based Liquid phones and three more devices


Acer produces both high-end and low-end hardware, but nobody foresaw what  the company was planning to do before Friday’s announcement. It seems Acer is planning an invasion of the smartphone market for later this year, launching no less than five devices. Four devices, and probably the most expected, are the new Liquid phones Acer promised for 2014. Along with the ...

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Thermal touch, the AR prototype, will fill up the Google Glass experience!


Metaio, the German world leader in augmented reality (AR), put out a press release informing that research and development is going on right now for “a never-before-seen user interface that combines thermal imaging with augmented reality”. The so called “Thermal Touch” interface is debuting at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California, today, the 28th of May 2014. Metaio’s ...

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Toshiba unveils three extremely affordable tablets under the Encore and Excite brands!


Toshiba surprises the wide public with three more devices, tablets this time, wearing Windows 8.1 and Android OS.  The three devices do not have sky-rocketing specifications but they are truly affordable. Two more tablets under the Encore brand have been unveiled by Toshiba this week, the line being called Excite 2. The devices are very affordable and the specifications are ...

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