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The quest for the Sleeper Simulant: was it all worth it?


For months now, players in Destiny have been frantically looking for the Sleeper Simulant, a new Exotic heavy weapon that was rumored to be the next must-have melter of bosses. Today, the first Sleeper Simulants have been claimed, but can it replace the mighty Gjallarhorn and all of it’s absurd damage potentials? How do you get it? Unlike Gjallarhorn, the only ...

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The Books of Sorrow and the Taken King’s story


By now, you have probably collected a large number of the 50 calcified fragments if you wish to obtain one of Destiny’s newest exotic weapons, the Touch of Malice. With each calcified fragment, you open up another chapter in the Books of Sorrow, a collection of stories that detail the origin of the Hive and Oryx, the Taken King. In ...

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The Taken King review: Everything old is new again


Most DLC these days are made with the intent of extending a game’s longevity in the short term. Perhaps it was developed by a small team while the main game was being finalized or perhaps development started right after the main game came out. In any case, we are all used to the concept of DLC by now: a month ...

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Destiny and Red Bull partner up to bring you a new quest

Destiny: The Taken King Red Bull Promotion

No, your eyes do not deceive you, there truly is a Red Bull promotion for Destiny’s The Taken King expansion pack when it comes out in September. According to an Activision press release and a promotional page at quest.redbull.com, specially marked cans of Destiny Edition Red Bull, sold exclusively at 7-11 in July, will have an access code. Redeeming the code ...

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Destiny’s The Taken King expansion sparks price controversy


“If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen.” Those are the words uttered by Luke Smith, the design lead for Destiny, during an interview with Eurogamer.net regarding the decision to have exclusive content in the upcoming expansion pack limited to those who buy the whole game, the prior ...

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Destiny: The Taken King, the new Destiny expansion


In Destiny’s the Dark Below, you vanquished Crota with his own sword. In the House of Wolves, you conquered the Prison of Elders in the name of the Queen of the Reef. And in the Taken King, Oryx, a Hive god who’s son is no more, is out for vengeance. Unlike Crota, Oryx is no mere ghostly apparatus with a ...

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