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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 Trailer Released


Set in Pandora after the events in Borderlands 2, Telltale Games’ Episodic Title Tales of the Borderlands has kept players waiting on edge for the next episode. When it was released in November of last year, fans of the Borderlands series quickly snatched it up and played as the unwilling partners, Rhys and Fiona in a very two sided story. ...

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Xbox One Telltale Games for $110

Xbox One Telltale games includes everything from the release of Walking Dead Season One

[Update: The games are actually $55 for Xbox Live Gold members, meaning you’ll save $60 on the bundle if you are an Xbox Live Gold member. Thanks to commenter julian for pointing this out.] Xbox One Telltale games are all available together for only $110. This means that every Telltale game since the original The Walking Dead Season 1 adventure series ...

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Tales from the Borderlands gets a world premier trailer

Tales from the Borderlands

Developer TellTale Games has released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming episodic series set in the Borderlands franchise, Tales from the Borderlands. As the series’ iconic Handsome Jack explains, Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the trilogy. After that’s settled, the trailer introduces us to the game’s two leads – Rhys, a Hyperion “suit” who aspires to be the ...

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel could come to next generation consoles


The next Borderlands game may well release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as other platforms. Speaking on a gaming television show Tony Lawrence and Matt Armstrong discussed the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and explained why they were concentrating on bringing the title to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. According to Armstrong, the franchise director ...

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Tales from the Borderlands first screenshots revealed


The first screenshots from the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands were posted on the PlayStation blog a short while ago. The game is being developed by Telltale, best known for creating The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series. Just like their previous titles, Tales from the Borderlands will also be an episodic graphic adventure game. Telltale explains that ...

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