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Galaxy S8 Information Leaked


The age of smart phones is a very dazzling one. Every year, boundaries get pushed farther and farther . New concepts are discovered or implemented, technology advances, and whole new worlds are discovered. Many people look to Apple to find the latest in smartphone design, but the world is far bigger than that. There is a whole world out there ...

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Windows 10 Release Date Revealed

Windows 10

We’ve been in the era of Window 8 for some time now, and love it or hate it, most people would agree that it’s been an awkward time. An operating system that wasn’t necessarily ideal for business or leisure, it’s served as Windows’ stepping stone. Now, Microsoft has revealed exactly when we’ll see the fruits of their labor, and get ...

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Is Oculus Rift The Future of Gaming?


When the Oculus Rift broke out onto the scene on Kickstarter years ago, there were a lot of skeptics. We had flashbacks to the Virtual Boy, and the broken promises that it represented as Nintendo made that failed attempt to shepherd us into the future. As we funded the Oculus Rift, we were making a leap of faith and hoping ...

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Is Virtual Reality a Threat?


Technology is rapidly advancing.  In the last 15 years, we have seen gaming evolve from 3-D animations to life-like environments.  It’s breath-taking if you think about it.  We possess the capacity to upgrade our various forms of entertainment, but will it be our downfall? Virtual reality is becoming the new trend in gaming.  How does it work?  Gamers would wear ...

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