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The Nvidia Shield Tablet: a gamer’s dream


Nvidia high end device developers seem to always be ahead of the game in which they are in fact playing alone. Their latest release, the Shield Tablet, proves this point. The Shield Tablet has been created with the intention of fulfilling every gaming fantasy out there. This portable gaming device operates on Android, being the successor of Nvidia’s Shield Portable. The Shield ...

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Nexus 9 leaked through Antutu

Nexus 6

The Nexus 9 is supposedly an HTC made tablet that will sport an 8.9 inch  1440×2560 display and that’s everything we’ve known about the Google device so far. A new leak has surfaced via Antutu Benchmark earlier, though, indicating LTE support. The Nexus 9 tablet will run a 64 bit Tegra K1 Denver, Android L 5.0 and a 45,923 score on the ...

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iPad Mini Retina vs. Xiaomi Mi Pad – Premium small tablets


Yesterday, Xiaomi announced it’s first tablet, and it seems to be aiming for the iPad Mini Retina fans, with similar form factor, screen and with a beefed up hardware. We’ve decided to do a little theoretical comparison between the two, to see which one could win in a face-off, at least on paper. While the iPad Mini Retina has been ...

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