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Tekken 2 Vinyl Soundtrack – Price, Cover, Release Date

Tekken 2 promo

We reported last month that the original Tekken soundtrack was getting pressed to vinyl, and now we know the same is happening for the second game. The soundtrack of Tekken 2 is set to be pressed on vinyl later this month, and Amazon has recently posted a product page revealing things like the price, cover and release date. First up ...

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Tekken Vinyl Soundtrack – Price, Cover, Release Date

Tekken vinyl soundtrack ps1

The Tekken series has been a staple in the fighting game genre for close to three decades now, which has resulted in some of the most beloved fighting games of all time. It all started with the original game on the original PlayStation back in 1994, and now that game is having the honor of its soundtrack being pressed to vinyl. ...

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Tekken vs Street Fighter: A Comparison

Tekken and Street Fighter are compared

Tekken and Street Fighter could be argued to be gaming’s two greatest fighting game series. Both have a long past, and have seen release across multiple platforms. We now know that each series is receiving a new entry, with both Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 on the way. Both of these series have helped define the fighting genre, and paved ...

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Tekken creators announce Pokken Tournament fighting game


Pokken Tournament is an upcoming fighting game that takes our favorite pocket monsters and pits them against each other without the supervision of a trainer. This new project is a collaboration between Nintendo and Bandai Namco, the company behind titles such as Dark Souls, Demon Souls and the upcoming Lords of the Fallen. However, the publisher has a plethora of ...

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