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The Walking Dead Part I and II Available Today


Telltale Games is well-known for their story-rich game entries which emphasize the importance of player choice. Fans of the developer should get excited, as The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – A New Frontier premieres today with the first two episodes: Ties that Bind Part I, and Ties that Bind Part II.  A New Frontier is slated to be a five part series ...

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones Trailer is Here

Telltale's Game of Thrones Trailer is Here!

So far so good it seems with Telltale’s newest episodic series based on the hit HBO series. After seeing a few leaked screenshots from what seems to be this trailer it’s great to finally see the latest Game of Thrones game in motion. (Lets just hope this one is better!) As you heard in the trailer Lena Headey will be ...

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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 Trailer Released


Set in Pandora after the events in Borderlands 2, Telltale Games’ Episodic Title Tales of the Borderlands has kept players waiting on edge for the next episode. When it was released in November of last year, fans of the Borderlands series quickly snatched it up and played as the unwilling partners, Rhys and Fiona in a very two sided story. ...

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Lionsgate Announces Significant Investment in Telltale Games


Lionsgate, the film studio behind popular teen film franchises The Hunger Games and Twilight as well as TV hits like Mad Men, as part of their “continued diversification of its content business and recent entry into the game space,” revealed that the company has made a significant financial investment into Telltale Games, best known for their episodic The Walking Dead ...

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Game of Thrones: – Ep 2: ‘The Lost Lords’ first look trailer.


Telltale Games has released, earlier today, a first look trailer for their upcoming title: Game of Thrones Episode 2 The Lost Lords. The trailer had been announced yesterday, the 21st of January, via twitter and comes as part of a pre-launch promotional campaign.The company, which specializes in making graphical adventure and spin-off versions of popular franchises such as Borderlands, Minecraft ...

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Life is Strange is aimed at a Telltale and Heavy Rain audience


Dontnod have confirmed that Life is Strange is aimed at a Telltale and Heavy Rain audience according to a recent interview in VG247. The interview details Life is Strange’s similarities to Telltale and Heavy Rain. This includes the interactive narrative experience they wish to deliver. We also learn of the return of the “Rewind” mechanic from Dontnod’s game “Remember Me”. ...

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Telltale Games promise explosive 2015


Telltale Games’ new CEO Kevin Bruner has recently revealed that the California-based studio are working on a mysterious new series. He has also hinted at “unannounced partnerships”, implying that new series are going to be announced later this year. The creation of a new IP is a first for Tellale Games, who have previously only created games based on established universes, such as The ...

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Top Ten Android Games of 2014

Check out our personalized Top Ten Android Games of 2014 list and pick your favorites!

We’ve had our share of great Android games this year, but picking through the thousands of new games in the Google Play Store may become annoying, so we’ve selected the top ten Android games of 2014 so that your feelers won’t get overwhelmed. Many Android users complain that they never have anything to play because there are thousands of games ...

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Xbox One Telltale Games for $110

Xbox One Telltale games includes everything from the release of Walking Dead Season One

[Update: The games are actually $55 for Xbox Live Gold members, meaning you’ll save $60 on the bundle if you are an Xbox Live Gold member. Thanks to commenter julian for pointing this out.] Xbox One Telltale games are all available together for only $110. This means that every Telltale game since the original The Walking Dead Season 1 adventure series ...

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