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Top 5 Free Android Lollipop Games 2015

Free games for Android Lollipop

Although it’s rolling out much slower than the previous major update, Android Lollipop is now available on quite a few mobile devices ranging from Nexuses and Motos all the way up to the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5. One of the most interesting things about any new operating system is the apps and that’s what we’re going to talk ...

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Temple Run 2 Tips & Tricks


Want to run further than ever in Temple Run 2 and achieve higher scores? In today’s guide we are going to list some of the tips & tricks that will help you in this quest. Let’s get started, shall we? Did you know that you can get free coins right before you even start running? We will tell you how. ...

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Temple Run 2 the Annoying Orange strikes again


Temple Run 2 walkthrough by the Annoying Orange. The setting of Temple Run 2 is different from others but maintains the Indiana Jones like scenes and feeling. The scenery is not as repetitive and it is more interesting and varied. You control your character very easily, by swiping the touchscreen left and right to turn, or down and up to ...

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Subway Surfers vs. Temple Run 2 – Who will finish first?


When it comes to endless running type games, Temple Run 2 already made a name for itself. Subway Surfers, although being a newcomer, already has a huge supporting crowd behind it. Both games have the same game objective: run as far as you can by overcoming obstacles and collecting as many coins as possible. It may look simple but it’s hard to ...

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