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Titanfall Update 8 introduces player vs AI co-op mode and more

Titanfall Update 8 introduces several new features.

EA Games revealed the features which will be included in Titanfall Update 8, which launches today on all platforms. According to developer Respawn Entertainment, some of the changes will be experimental, but they will work to fix any issues as soon as possible. The highlight of Titanfall Update 8 is a new co-op mode called Frontier Defense. This mode allows you ...

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Titanfall Xbox 360 is now available for the cheap price of $5


If you still don’t own Titanfall, now would be a perfect time to rectify that mistake as Respawn’s highly acclaimed sci-fi shooter is currently dirt cheap. How cheap? Try $5 cheap and not a cent less. Well, actually it’s $4.99 but anyway. There doesn’t seem to be a catch at first glace, although only the Xbox 360 version of the ...

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Xbox Live Gold is free this weekend for Xbox 360 owners


Microsoft has a great deal for anyone with an Xbox 360 and a desire to check out the Xbox Live Gold program. The service is available at no cost whatsoever from Friday, October 10th until Sunday, October 12th. During this period you can go online and get in on the awesome multiplayer action with games like Destiny, Titanfall, Halo and more, depending on ...

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Titanfall dev is working with Microsoft to fix Xbox 360 connectivity issues


Following user complaints, Respawn Entertainment announced that they are aware of the connectivity issues that Titanfall has on Xbox 360 and that they are working with Microsoft to fix the problem. The situation presents itself as follows: after a recent Titanfall update, several players reported on the EA forums that they are experiencing connectivity issues when they are trying to ...

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Titanfall IMC Rising DLC details revealed


Respawn Entertainment revealed several details about the next downloadable map pack for Titanfall. The DLC is called “IMC Rising” and it will be released later this year. The pack contains three different maps to choose from. The first map is called “Zone 18” and it is a robotics lab. According to the developers, in this map almost all the roofs ...

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Is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a Titanfall ripoff? Sledgehammer responds to accusations


It’s very hard to create something truly original these days when it fells like everything has already been done. However, some developers are still trying despite people accusing them of ripping off other games. Back at E3 2014, Sledgehammer Games unveiled Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, a very impressive looking title with a futuristic vibe. Now, I’m not a CoD fan ...

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Xbox One games are nowhere to be found on the top 20 charts in Japan


The Xbox One finally launched in Japan last week and brought with it 29 titles for the Japanese people to enjoy. Microsoft previously stated that they are confident in the console’s success in Japan, but it looks like success doesn’t come after just one week. A major Japanese retailer who posts weekly charts comprised of the top twenty best selling ...

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Free games for PC, Xbox One and PS4 weekend roundup


Want to know about all the free games currently available? Don’t worry, Load the Game has got your back. There’s plenty of games out there available for the very cheap price of nothing and generally all you have to do is find them, but I already did that for you so just sit back and enjoy. While most of the free games ...

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