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State of Decay : The Apocalypse in 1080p


As we put down Dying Light and Dead Rising 3, we wondered what the next undead game would be.  After slashing our way through Harran and Los Perdidos, we come to face to face with yet, another apocalyptic masterpiece.  Ladies and gentlemen, hold your applause, a re-imagined State of Decay is on the way, complete with new content and visuals. Not too ...

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State of Decay sold over 2 million copies


Undead Labs announced that their zombie survival game, State of Decay, reached an important milestone today. To be precise, the game sold 2 million copies since it’s release in June 2013 for Xbox 360 and September 2013 on PC. The developer states that the two million mark was reached by putting together the sales from XBLA and Steam, without considering ...

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State of Decay coming to the Xbox One in Spring 2015


Undead Labs said earlier this year that State of Decay will not come to the Xbox One seeing as how the “platforms aren’t compatible” and all. But just a couple of weeks later the team appeared to have had a change of heart thanks to all the XB1 owners who were demanding to see the game on their console. However, ...

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