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Epic Games’ Fortnite might make it to PS4 and Xbox One


Fortnite, Epic Games’ upcoming action/building title was initially scheduled for a PC only release, but a recent interview reveals that the game might also make it to the PS4 and Xbox One at some point. Eurogamer caught up with lead designer Darren Saag and asked him whether or not we’ll end up seeing next-gen versions of the title. While he ...

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Unreal Tournament 2014 will be completely free!


Wow, Unreal Tournament 2014 completely free? Yes, you read that right. Epic Games has announced earlier that the new UT title will be developed using the Unreal Engine 4 and will be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux. Did I mention it’s going to be free of charge? It’s a bit shocking to see a developer announcing a legendary game ...

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Unreal Tournament returns, will be made in Unreal Engine 4


Good news for all Unreal Tournament fans out there, myself included. Epic Games announced via Twitter that the popular fps series is making a comeback, and that the upcoming UT will use Unreal Engine 4. Epic’s Paul Meegan also says that we should keep an eye on the Unreal Engine Twitch channel this Thursday. “UE4 Dev Community + Epic. The ...

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