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Facebook’s latest app banned from EU


Facebook’s recent application, Moments, is its latest attempt at decentralising some of its core Facebook functions for a more streamlined experience for users. It allows users to share their pictures with ease, thanks to its new face recognition algorithms which should take the hassle out of tagging your friends by automatically doing it for you. Earlier this week, Will Ruben, ...

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Canada and US get Xbox One Over-The-Air TV Tuner

Xbox One get over-the-air TV tuner

Hot on the heels of Xbox’s May update that made live TV streaming possible in many countries. Announced today on Xbox Wire, Xbox has responded to its many fan requests and has announced their official over-the-air TV tuner for Canada and the US. The tuner itself was already available in other countries. For once, Xbox is behind the times in ...

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Sony Alpha 7 II mirrorless camera to hit US in a few days

Sony Alpha 7 II

Sony’s Alpha 7 II mirrorless camera is set to hit the US market this December 9th, just two weeks after it was first announced by the Japanese giant. The Alpha 7 II will come with brand new refined features compared to the previous model, utilizing an integrated stabilization system, a more responsive autofocus function and native support for high-bitrate XAVC ...

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Microsoft Lumia 535 now available for purchase in the US as well


The Microsoft Lumia 535 is the first smartphone to launch under the tech giant’s new brand name. Sadly, the Nokia brand will not be appearing on new devices any longer, so expect to see all the upcoming Lumia phones feature the Microsoft name. As for the handset, it was actually launched in India earlier this month, but was not available in ...

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Drones have become legal for movies and TV


The Federal Aviation Administration approved six photo and video production companies for unmanned aircraft flights. The decision that basically made flying Drones legal for movies and TV purposes was cited Thursday by US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. Up to this point, it was illegal for anyone to fly drones above US soil. A special mandate allows the companies to use drones, or unmanned ...

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Sony Japan plans to catch up with the US and EU console markets


The new generation consoles seem to be selling like hot cakes, with Sony already managing to sell 10 million PS4 units and Microsoft rumored to have sold more than 5 million Xbox Ones to date. Console wars aside, things are going pretty good considering that the new consoles only launched less than a year ago. However, all of this doesn’t apply ...

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Huawei Ascend P7 sells over 1 million units in just a month


More than 1 million Huawei Ascend P7 smartphones have been sold as of June 13th. The company’s latest flagship was released back in May and its already off to a promising start. Huawei said earlier this year that they plan on selling 80 million devices by the end of 2014. While this number might seem a bit unrealistic we have to ...

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LG G3 global release date officially announced


The highly anticipated LG G3 smartphone has already made its debut in South Korea and managed to sell incredibly well, even surpassing the popular Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship. Now the device is preparing to leave its home country and will launch globally on June 27th. LG’s latest handset will first hit Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines and make ...

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Nokia Lumia 635 now available for pre-order in the US


Nokia Lumia 635 is now available for pre-order from the Microsoft Store for both AT&T and T-Mobile. The device was released last month in markets across Europe, Asia, China, Russia, and India, and now we finally have confirmation that it will also make it to the US soon. The company didn’t announce the release date, but they did reveal the ...

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