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Nokia releases the Z Launcher app for Android phones


Nokia rolled out a home screen replacement app for Android phones called Z Launcher and reviewers are already praising it to the heavens. It looks similar to the Aviate Launcher, which was recently acquired by Yahoo and what it does is it learns about what kinds of apps you want to launch depending on where you are and what the ...

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Planetside 2 coming to PS4 later this year


Sony announced that Planetside 2 will finally arrive for the PS4 sometime this year. The game is a free-to-play MMO shooter, which features battles that take place on a truly massive scale. Planetside 2 was initially released for the PC back in November 2012 and has gathered quite a solid fan base since then. As you might imagine, the PS4 version ...

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OS X Yosemite changes mostly revolve around its interface


Apple revealed during the WWDC that the OS X Yosemite suffered a number of changes in regards to its user interface. If we were to look at under the hood changes however, we wont find much. In the past we’ve heard about things like the new power management features. But in this case the focus seemed to be on the ...

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Sense 6: have you updated your HTC One M7?


AT&T clients that are users of the HTC One M7 must know that the latest user interface, Sense 6, will become available next week. The last year’s device, the HTC One M7 already received the update earlier this week for carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. The smartphone’s user interface suffered some major changes in regards to the camera app, ...

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