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Microsoft and Oculus Rift, partners in VR gaming


In a rather unexpected turn of events, Microsoft and Oculus VR are now partners in the new push towards bringing virtual reality to your living room. “We’re thrilled to be working closely with the team at Oculus. Their groundbreaking work in virtual reality is inspiring, and the Oculus Rift delivers a truly next-generation VR experience,” said the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, ...

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Virtual Reality Exclusives – A Good or Bad Thing?

Virtual reality exclusives - a good or bad thing?

A couple of days ago Oculus held a conference to unveil the consumer version of their Rift headset. The conference was also in place to reveal several surprises: an Xbox partnership, a 10 million dollar pool to help indie developers, the announcement of various companies that are already on board developing for Oculus, and some Oculus exclusives. If Oculus was ...

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Star Wars virtual reality is in development


For many people, Star Wars is the be all and end all of the sci-fi fantasy universe. It reigns king of all things nerdy. When new pieces of technology come out, all people can think of is how they can make something related to Star Wars with it. Shooters started popping up in arcades? Take control of the Millennium Falcon ...

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What’s Next for Virtual Reality?

What's next for virtual reality?

I can understand if this seems a little preemptive; there aren’t even any virtual reality headsets available commercially at the moment. So, wondering what will come next for VR seems a little hasty, especially if they haven’t even happened yet. For that, we will probably be waiting until sometime next year for VR headsets to actually take off among consumers. I wouldn’t ...

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Oculus Rift recommended system specs revealed


Until now team Oculus have remained coy about their VR marvel, divulging little information on the consumer model. They recently announced that the device would hit shelves by Spring of next year, and now we know what they recommend for Oculus Rift. In order to deliver a consistent user experience, a set of recommended specifications have been set. These can ...

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Is Oculus Rift The Future of Gaming?


When the Oculus Rift broke out onto the scene on Kickstarter years ago, there were a lot of skeptics. We had flashbacks to the Virtual Boy, and the broken promises that it represented as Nintendo made that failed attempt to shepherd us into the future. As we funded the Oculus Rift, we were making a leap of faith and hoping ...

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Oculus Rift Has Recieved An Approximate Shipping Date

The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

Their has been new news from Oculus announced on their blog about the Rift headset. Anyone who is excited about the upcoming flood of various VR headsets will be happy to know that the Rift has received a shipping date for sometime in the first quarter of 2016. The precise date is still unknown, but assuming there are no more delays then users should ...

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Virtual Reality Gloves?


With all of the progress being made with things like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, and Steam’s VR kit it’s no surprise that virtual reality gaming is slowly becoming more of a reality. There is a tremendous amount of effort going into researching ways to place gamers into their gaming environment. All of which focus on vision as a way to change ...

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Microsoft’s Hololens: Don’t Be Too Hasty


It may come as a shock, to some of you, that Microsoft’s Hololens will cost more than the Xbox One. Hold on, before everyone panics, this is the virtual reality market. The Oculus Rift costs about $350, which is already sizable heap of money, and Sony’s Morpheus may be following that same route. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of ...

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Microsoft and the HoloLens


Technology in gaming is advancing faster than predicted. Games are becoming more life-like. At the same time, the next-gen consoles allow to players edit and record videos while on their consoles. Currently making its way into the trend of gaming is holographic computing.  Like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s new HoloLens will allow them to compete in the Virtual Reality market. Flashback ...

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