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Oculus Rift used in surgery procedure


At Perpetuo Socorro hospital in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), a 60 year old patient underwent an arthroscopy surgery at the knee while being immersed in virtual reality and listening to Claire de Lune. Mrs Ramírez was terrified by the procedure and has requested general anaesthetic. Instead she was offered to wear an Oculus Rift head mounted VR display. The operation ...

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Microsoft looking to bring virtual reality to the Xbox One

FOVE virtual reality

According to an exclusive report by TechRadar, Microsoft is looking to bring virtual reality to the Xbox One. Last week the company accepted FOVE into its Microsoft Ventures London programme, which is designed to help technology start-ups develop their products. FOVE hit the headlines recently with its claim that it had created the first ever head-mounted eye-tracking display. As well ...

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Samsung’s VR handset plans to beat Oculus Rift and Morpheus!


From smartphones to Smart TVs, from smartwatches to air conditioners, Samsung wants everything to be connected and virtual. The Korean company is not fooling around when it comes to technology, advance and innovation.  This time, they are working on a VR device that will be released at the end of 2014, determined to be the Oculus Rift’s and Sony’s Project Morpheus competition.  ...

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Oculus Rift helps dying woman ‘walk outside’ again


You’ve probably heard a lot about the ever increasingly popular virtual reality headset. Although the device was initially intended for gaming we keep hearing about new possible uses for it. I’ve stumbled upon an article on The Rift Arcade that tells an interesting story about the Oculus Rift. Roberta Firstenberg was an elderly woman that was diagnosed with terminal cancer ...

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