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Moto 360 software update improves battery life


The Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola has been one of the biggest hits at IFA Berlin this year, and had already stirred up a lot of interest before it was even launched. The Moto 360 is so popular because of its round display which has thinner bezels than its direct competitor, the LG G Watch R, which was also introduced ...

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Rock climbing made easy by prosthetic leg

A passionate student at Pratt Institutes has been thinking about creating a prosthetic that would be designed specifically for rock-climbing. Rock-climbing is usually a tabu subject for those wearing prosthetic limbs because most artificial limbs on the market are not specifically designed for rock-climbing. But that doesn’t mean that people give up on their passion and those were the ones ...

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Motorola Moto 360 vs LG G Watch R – Circular smartwatch showdown


Wearable devices have certainly become very popular as of later, but they’re still nowhere near as popular as smartphones or tablets. However, smartwatches might change all that as lately we’ve seen almost all the tech giants trying their hand at developing a few of their own. One of the biggest complaints coming from consumers is related to the design of these devices, which ...

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Do we need wearables in the workplace?

Smartphones have become a thing of the past: wearables are all the rage now! Just kidding, I would never give up my smartphone and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t exchange my smartphone for wearables mainly because the limited interaction area – or display – wearables have to offer. I enjoy using my phone to play games, watch videos, ...

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The Sense: invisible high-tech sleep monitor

It’s not actually invisible, but you surely don’t notice the effort you have to put into monitoring your sleep via the usual wearable devices or smartphone apps. The Sense is a sleep monitoring device designed by James Proud’s Hello company. The device is a small sphere decorated with geometric patterns and intricate design hiding a device that is quite smart. The ...

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Moto 360 vs LG G Watch – Android Wear Face-Off

2014 will be the year in which wearables will hit the market hard in terms of support and availability. Android Wear, the new software platform from Google destined for smart watches will be a defining factor in the success of this new market, but which of these watches should we choose? Although the concept isn’t new, with Samsung Galaxy Gear ...

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