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YouTube Gaming app announced

For about a decade, YouTube has been the world’s go to spot for finding nearly any video they want. Everything from movie clips, to music videos, or people simply acting stupid can be found on the incredibly successful website. Since it’s release, however, other companies and websites have found their own success by having more ...

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Opt in for the new YouTube player

Tired of YouTube’s plain-old video player? Then try out the new beta player that is ready for playtesting. The new player has a transparent interface, which floats above the video being played. Other improvements include scalability across different screen-sizes, making sure those watching on a 4K display won’t have to deal with a tiny user ...

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Nintendo reveals its plans for the Mobile Market

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced they would be entering the world of mobile and apps. Many thought this was the beginning of the end for the Japanese developer, but they have assured fans that this venture will not see them move away from the home console business. Since that announcement, Nintendo have revealed very few ...

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Revealed: The Most Watched Games in Youtube History

Who would have thought that watching people crafting mines was so telegenic? If only all those soot encrusted frontiersmen – exploited by the Man, coughing their lives away in a cloud of tuberculosis and coal-dust – had had access to a second-hand $50 DV camera off eBay. They could have been internet superstars. Google have ...

Download Youtube videos directly with a simple click, for a limited time

Google had promised that users would eventually be able to download Youtube videos directly from the site, with no added charges, and the company has finally delivered on that promise. If you are lucky enough to be a resident in the Philippines. India or Indonesia, you can now download Youtube videos for free without having ...