About Us

About Us

Welcome to Load The Game, a fresh website for all your gaming needs! Load the Game was created to bring objectivity to the field of online gaming journalism, something we’ve felt was severely lacking. We’re not afraid to praise developers, games or publishers when they deserve it, and we don’t back down from pointing out their errors when necessary.

The Load The Game crew is formed out of old-school gamers that understand the on-goings of the industry, and have grown up with it! Why would you want to spend your time browsing our webpage? Simply because we bring you the newest and freshest news reports, give insight on the ever-changing gaming community, follow the latest trends and technological advancements, provide comprehensive reviews and previews and host a vast collection of the latest screenshots and game trailers.

We cover each and every gaming platform, from the PC to consoles and mobile platforms. Our goal is to provide top-notch journalism, because we consider that gaming deserves the same high level of quality as everything else. We look into the thick of things, searching for the most relevant sources and analyzing every aspect of our stories. Thus, you get the best possible gaming related information, free of bias!




Jacob Chambers

Jacob has been an avid PC gamer since he was but a toddler. He started his gaming career early on by breaking the passwords on his brother’s Commodore 64 and 2/86. From his very first contact with titles such as Dizzy or Prince of Persia, he’s been in love with games and the industry.

Later on, he developed a love for the MMORPG genre, playing Asheron’s Call, Dark Age of Camelot and Anarchy Online for years. He’s been a part of the online gaming community for a long time, and has worked as a game tester on various PC and Wii titles, including Painkiller or Divinity.

With a passion for writing and gaming, Jason is our front-line soldier, specializing mainly in RPG and FPS titles, and is well versed in both the singleplayer aspects of games, as well as the massive multiplayer side of gaming.


Mark Judge

Mark has been in touch with games for over two decades. His keen reflexes steered him towards action games and first person shooters, as well as MMORPGs and competitive Player versus Player action. To this day, he still likes to take punks to school in Medal of Honor: Breakthrough, a title that he particularly loved.

Well experienced in MMORPGs, Mark focuses on the PvP aspects mostly, enjoying a good fight more than anything. That’s not to say that he doesn’t enjoy some couch competition either. Mark has been kicking butt on consoles ever since the first Playstation emerged. There’s something magical in the way he beats you senseless with Paul in Tekken 5.

With extensive experience in social media and community management, Mark is our prime connection to our fans and readers, but he doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion in a written article either.