Risen 3: Titan Lords officially announced

Loved the first Risen? Hated the second one? Well, fear not, you’ll get a chance to get into the series once again, as Risen 3: Titan Lords has just been announced and confirmed. The unofficial successor to the Gothic franchise is getting a 3rd installment, and this time, we’re hoping to see a much better game than Risen 2. It won’t be a next-gen title though, as it’s coming for past-gen consoles and the PC. Piranha Bytes is currently developing the game, and Risen 3 is set to launch in August 2014, for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, so mark your calendar. Piranha Bytes has promised a medieval open world environment where players will be able to roam the Risen universe as they see fit.

Following Risen 2, Risen 3: Titan Lords will set players in the skin of a young warrior with a stolen soul. The premise might not seem entirely original (just think about Elder Scrolls Online for instance), but hey, it’s a decent enough setting for a few good tales. Of course, you’ll be fighting your way through hordes of monsters and humans, while you’ll also be crafting gear and joining factions. But that’s to be expected from a Risen game, is it not? In any case, Risen 3 has received a decent visual upgrade, and looks pleasing enough to the eye. If the fighting mechanics become polished enough and the story manages to be engaging, we’ll finally have a good open-world RPG on our hands. With the Witcher 3 being delayed to 2015, Risen 3 might be taking that sweet spot and might be enjoying less competition. Let’s hope this time around, Piranha Bytes won’t muck things up.