New Star Wars The Old Republic expansion Galactic Stronghold revealed

Good news, Star Wars lovers. Star Wars The Old Republic, the MMORPG from Bioware is set to receive yet another expansion pack this summer (the first out of the two scheduled for this year), and this one will be a free-to-play expansion, as you’d expect. Star Wars The Old Republic – Galactic Stronghold is what the new expansion is called, and it seems it will be focused mainly on housing and customization options. After the introduction of Galactic Starfighter (a moderately well-received expansion that introduced space-combat and PvP), Bioware is now focusing on introducing housing to the MMORPG.

Star Wars The Old Republic was one of history’s most expensive MMORPGs to develop, and Bioware flopped a bit with quickly declining subscriptions. After a shaky launch however, the game went free-to-play and has been constantly recovering and evolving since. While subscribers still get significant quality-of-life benefits, SWTOR is perfectly viable as a free-to-play game too. Users won’t have to shed out cash for Galactic Stronghold either, but subscribers will be receiving the new expansion earlier. Set for launch in August, Galactic Stronghold introduces housing to the MMORPG, and players will be able to build homes on various planets, including Nar Shadaa. In fact, those that subscribe to Star Wars The Old Republic by the 11th of May will be getting an Early Access pass (starting on the 24th of June), as well as a luxurious suite on Nar Shadaa with 3 additional rooms unlocked. Of course, who in their right minds would like to live on a planed filled with scum and villainy?

It’s likely that Galactic Stronghold will focus on various customization options that will involve the game’s micro-transaction system. Getting Cartel Coins will most likely be necessary if you want to get the coolest homes in SWTOR. Still, those that don’t want to spend a time can farm up some in-game credits and trade them for goods purchased by other players. The options are there, they just involve a little more work and grinding. In addition to individual houses, Galactic Stronghold will also provide Star Wars The Old Republic guilds with the possibility of building their own Flagships, huge ships that act as headquarters.

If you’re interested in the expansion and the game, know that subscribing for Star Wars The Old Republic by the 2nd of April will net you 500 bonus Cartel Coins, and subscribing by the 4th of May will reward you with 1000 Cartel Coins. Regardless, it seems that Bioware wants to fuel the game and keep it fresh and alive. Are you excited about the new expansion to SWTOR? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, make sure to check out the expansion’s trailer below: