GTA 5 rumored to be coming out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Gamers everywhere have waited for news on the release of GTA 5 on the PC for a while now. Rockstar launched their action adventure title for Xbox 360 and PS3 last September but have remained quiet about whether or not the game will come out on PC and next-gen consoles as well.

A rumor regarding the matter has kept spreading around recently. A few days ago TECH-NICK from had this to say on Twitter:

Which translated means something along the lines of “Since I keep getting asked: The release of GTA 5 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 is expected for June“. Again, this is only a rumor and TECH-NICK is in no way affiliated with Rockstar. However, the tweet was posted on the official Twitter page so maybe somebody there heard something and decided to spread the word?

Earlier today TECH-NICK commented again on this:

It translates to “ Guys, regarding the GTA 5 release again: They are just rumors. The industry isn’t aware of anything. But I’ll stay tuned for you, plain sailing. “

So is GTA 5 coming out for the PC and next-gen consoles or not? Rockstar still haven’t confirmed anything about a release date for the above mentioned platforms so we can’t say for sure yet.

Do you guys think it will come out in June as TECH-NICK claims or is this just another rumor? Use the comment section below if you wish to give us your 2 cents on the matter.