Check out the new Nod ring, a new generation of wearable devices!

Who knows if the designer of the Nod ring concept was inspired by fantasy movies or his creativity and practical sense is just truly impressive. Ex-Google engineer Anush Elangovan invented the Nod ring, a smart ring worth 150$, that allows its wearer use his finger as an input and control device. Nod enables the user to interact with anything around them and by anything we mean smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, projectors, etc.  It is equipped with capacitive touch all over and a touch slider, which allows us to change slides during a presentation, to change the volume or the channel of a TV or to browse the internet. The ring also can be used with multiple devices at the same time. It is a small, waterproof ring that fits over your index fingers. It’s got a variety of sensors that allow you to control through gestures or sliding. It interacts with mobiles devices running Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, the nest Thermostat, Smart TVs (2012 onwards.

Of course, the ring is expected to have some accuracy issues, especially when using it to type on an on-screen keyboard using Swipe method. The device’s inventor has informed during an interview that he and his team have dedicated a lot of time while building it, making sure that the accuracy will not be a problem. Also, questions have been raised regarding the small battery inside of it, which will not be the strongest, but it can be charged at any time.

Fans also wondered if the ring will suit their fingers, but there is an answer to that, too. The smart ring comes in various sizes and it ships with handy inserts to make sure that it fits perfectly. Even though many believed that a wearable-tech ring could be used more in fitness or other fields, it is quite a practical device for those who like to make their lives easier. Or at least, this is what it is trying to accomplish.

Anush Elangovan has been working for Google for 3 years, for Agnilux for one year and before that, for Cisco Systems, Inc for another almost 7 years with some breaks in between.  The engineer explains that using the ring right now is comparable to when Kindle e-books and other devices first arrived on the market: people are suspicious but they will soon love the devices.