Don’t Starve Together multiplayer announced by Kley

Klei Entertainment is one of those companies that does not have a bad game. In its almost 10 year existence, Klei has brought out a total of 7 critically acclaimed games and has done work on cinematics for Torchlight 2. One of its more recent titles, Don’t Starve, is a wildly successful rogue-like survival game that has sold over one million copies. Fans of the game and of Klei will rejoice to hear that they are bringing out a free expansion to the title called Don’t Starve Together, and as the title suggests it is a multiplayer expansion. The addition is expected to have most features that are already in the game, only balanced for multiplayer, with unannounced potential new features.

The game mode will support 2-4 players, according to Klei, but they are aiming for a minimum of 4. As mentioned earlier, the expansion will be free for all those who have purchased the game already, however the original game’s price will increase by $5 so that future customers will be paying extra. When asked about PS4 multiplayer, Klei tweeted that they would like to, but are unsure if this is even a possibility.

Originally, Don’t Starve came out with the explicit comment by Klei of never having a multiplayer, however it seems that they did change their tune not so much because of the possibility of it, but because it “became a hot button issue in the community”. The idea became a plan once new people were brought in and came up with a proof of concept pre-alpha that had the entire office playing.

The multiplayer expansion is set to come out sometime this late this summer.