Lix Pen. A professional yet still fun 3D device

The Lix Pen is a professional device that gives you the possibility to draw exceptional 3D images in midair, challenging your creativity. Remember how you used to draw images with your finger in the air, trying to explain something? Well, now you could actually materialize that image thanks to the Lix 3D Pen, so these ordinary habits of gesticulating while talking, could become way more interesting from now on.   

Lix Pen works similar to a 3D printer, melting and cooling black or colored plastic, allowing you to create rigid structures. The device has a hot-end nozzle powered by an USB 3.0 port, a ABS/PLA plastic filament introduced in the upper end of the pen, that goes through a mechanism and moves across the pen until reaching the nozzle which melts it and then cools it down. The ABS filament has flexibility and great strength, and it’s also resistant to high temperatures, with the melting point at 356 °F and working at 446 °F, and very malleable. The PLA filament has less strength and flexibility than the ABS filament, with a melting point at 320 °F and working at 356 °F, but it comes with many color tones and very attractive glossy translucency.  

With the Lix Pen you can create small or big “drawings” down to the smallest detail without using paper. You can actually make accessories, decorations, even jewelry and artistic prototypes. This cool new device is said to be the smallest 3D pen, weighing only 40 grams, its light-weight is the first thing you’ll notice, a feature that makes the Lix Pen easier to work with and portable. The Lix is very similar to an ordinary pen, fitting perfectly in your hand and giving you the right amount of comfort and balance while drawing whatever you want.

This amazing feature creates a huge gap between the Lix and any other similar devices on the market. But its light-weight is not the only attractive feature. Its design is also truly amazing. Lix is made from aluminum and comes in two colors, Black Mate and Grey Matte, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It also comes with a technology and an appearance that actually scream “Professionalism” and “Elegance”, so using such a device at work could draw some positive attention towards you, especially if you use it to make prototypes. We’ve seen pyramids and other geometric figures created with a Lix Pen, and it looked incredible.

The fact that the Lix Pen can be used to create accessories is also a great feature. You can actually make decorations like a vase or a bowl, or even actual pieces of art like statues. Believe it or not, a fashion designer actually made an entirely wearable dress using a 3D printer device, so it’s obvious the Lix Pen can be also fun, not only practical.    

Delphine Eloise Wood, Anton Suvorov, and Ismail Baran are the inventors of this incredible device. The inventors admitted they encountered some difficulties in the process, one of them, and the most difficult, was to reduce the size of the mechanical parts. They said they’ve encountered many limitations such as this, but eventually, they found the perfect solutions, successfully repositioning the smaller mechanical parts and letting them work together.     

They also said that the prototype they have is fully functional, even if it’s still the development and the final version of the Lix Pen will be an improvement. The Lix 3D Pen already seems to be a great device, better than any other on the market, and an improved version seems almost incredible. But as 3D printing devices are the latest fashion in technology, we might not have to wait a long time until a device such as the Lix Pen will invade every office or why not, every home.