Thermal touch, the AR prototype, will fill up the Google Glass experience!

Metaio, the German world leader in augmented reality (AR), put out a press release informing that research and development is going on right now for “a never-before-seen user interface that combines thermal imaging with augmented reality”. The so called “Thermal Touch” interface is debuting at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California, today, the 28th of May 2014. Metaio’s CTO, Peter Meier said that “everyone is talking about wearable computing eyewear like Google Glass, but no one is talking about the best way to actually use those devices. We need natural, convenient interface to navigate the technology of tomorrow and that is why we developed Thermal Touch”.

The prototype will consist of an infrared camera and a standard camera working in tandem and running on a tablet PC, registering the user’s finger signature when touching a surface. This way, any wearable set could turn any surface into touch screen. Of course, Metaio is being realistic about the thermal touch and also informs that the technology might be 5 years away from reality but the purpose of this demo is to educate the community towards every possibility of computer vision. The company’s list of project is very impressive and they are looking forward to develop a totally different reality than the one we are used to, not long from now.

Metaio develops software products for visually interactive solutions between the real and the virtual world, using the user’s camera view in order to integrate digital and 3D content into the real world. The company’s officials say that over 30 million consumers use Metaio’s AR software. So far, the German company has been developing software and solutions for companies like McDonalds, Audi, Volkswagen, Macy’s, Mitsubishi, Lego, etc. Also, many examples of the apps that the company has been developing can be added: Autodesk ForceEffect, Atlanta MetroGPS, Bosch 3D Studio, iDoodle, iThread, etc.