LG to unveil 6-inch QHD with 491ppi display

Even if LG launched its G3 flagship with a 5.5-inch QHD display and an impressive 538ppi pixel density, the company decided to unveil its 6-inch QHD display next week at the SID (Society for Information Display) Display Week in San Francisco. The 6-inch display will have a pixel density of 491pp, which compared to the current G3 flagship is lower. If you’re wandering where’s the improvement, know that even if the 6-inch display has a lower pixel density than the 5.5-inch display, it’s still higher compared to the other flagships already on the market. Plus, rumors also say that LG is already working on screen with higher pixel densities. When we say higher, we’re talking about displays with 600ppi or 700ppi pixel densities, rumored to be introduced pretty soon.

LG Display’s leader claimed that their aim is to pull of 600ppi pixel density panels by reducing the pixel size. This strategy might turn out to be successful and the future panels with 700ppi could come sooner than we think. Meanwhile, other companies are struggling to pull off this king of miniaturization level, so there’s no doubt LG will have no competitor in this area. LG was able to boost the pixel density over 500ppi (G3’s 538ppi), while its rivals managed to reach only 441ppi (HTC One M8) and 432ppi (Samsung Galaxy S5). So there were no competitors from this point of view.

At LG G3’s launch, the company’s researchers stated that in order to reach that incredible pixel density, they had to reduce the pixel size on the G3’s display by 44%. Thus, giving it about twice the pixels the 5.5-inch display would normally have. It seemed the company wasn’t pleased enough with a 5.5-inch display, so the idea of demoing a 6-inch display next week came soon after. Whether the 6-inch display will feature an incredible 700ppi pixel density in the future is not certain, but at the time being LG has no competition. Even a 6-inch display has a higher pixel density than other manufacturers’ displays, so the South Korean company can take its time in developing the next 600ppi QHD and the future 700ppi QHD panels.

“LG Display has become the global display leader as shown by developing many of the world’s first products that incorporate IPS, FPR 3D and OLED technologies and we will continue to do our best in being the world’s leader in next-generation technology”,LG Display Technical Officer and Executive Vice President, Sang-Deog Yeo stated. The company didn’t say much about the time this amazing displays will be ready to launch, so we’ll have to cope with “soon”. LG representatives did say that the higher resolution displays will eventually be featured by both smartphones and phablets in the near future along with the 4K resolution and its mainstreaming.