Google Glass new branded frames and shades to be released this month

For those who were thinking that Google Glass somehow has a rigid design, a surprise is on its way. Starting June 23 a new collection of Google Glass frames and lenses will be available, under Diane Von Furstenberg’s partnership with Google. Five new frames and eight new shades will be available in less than 20 days now. If you are wondering what will happen with the hardware, Google assures consumers that it will remain exactly the same.  Not too long ago Google also entered a partnership with the Italian eyewear company, Luxottica (owners of Ray-Ban, Oakley, etc) so we will be seing additional stylish frames and shades soon enough. The branded shades by Diane Von Furstenberg will cost $1620. They will not be cheap at all, thinking that you can easily buy a powerful laptop or a Smart TV under that price. But the truth is that Google Glass cannot be compared to any existing technology on the market right now, so for the technology passionates, this is a very good investement. Therefore, the new eyewear era has begun. Looking at the new models, we can easily picture stylish looks and they almost look like regular glasses.

The branded Google Glass collection will be found through the Mr Porter online store. So, if these heavenly designed glasses look like this and give you the ability of wearing your prescription glasses at the same time, imagine what will happen in 5 years time from now. Of course, the Ray Ban and Oakley frames and shades will rewrite history and we cannot wait to see and try them.

Google X, the facility within Google is putting all the efforts in these small computers on our heads.  The military began researching the head-mounted displays in 1995 and after 17 years, in November 2012, Glass receives recognition as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year”.  Regarding the design, back in 1995 the design was nowhere close to today’s edges and we are still waiting to see some more progress.