46 New apps for Xbox One – HBO go and Twitter included!

46 new apps have been announced for the Xbox One. Twitter and HBO Go are probably the most anticipated ones, but apps from Comedy Central, Crunchyroll, Major League Gaming and others will also make an appearance. “Twitter experience on Xbox One will be integrated into the TV listings section of OneGuide where you will be able to see the shows that people are tweeting about in real-time. These shows will also be highlighted in a new ‘trending’ section within OneGuide so you know what’s popular right then and there.” – Microsoft.

The highlight of the Twitter app is that it will integrate seamlessly with the Xbox One’s snapping and TV features. If you’re checking Twitter pretty often you will be happy to hear that now you can do that while playing, without looking away from your TV. You can also bring up the trending part of twitter as part as the Xbox One’s TV functionality.

After making an appearance on the Xbox 360, the MLG app will also appear on the Xbox One in a few weeks. You will be able to watch “eSports Report” and competitions offered by MLG directly on your TV though the Xbox One. You can also check out the best teams, players, leagues and tournaments live from the MLG app. Make sure to tune in on the MLG X Games Invitational held in Austin, Texas, between June 6-8 and the MLG Championship in Anaheim, CA, between June 20-22.

With the introduction of the new apps, the Xbox One will provide the richest entertainment experience available for consoles today. The worldwide system update for the Xbox One started to roll out yesterday including the recently announced Xbox Live updates. This will ensure that all Xbox One users will have access to all the available apps and experiences. The full list of apps coming to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One please visit the official site here.