Apple iWatch rumored to launch this October

Apple’s iWatch will launch in October and will feature a curved OLED display, according to a Nikkei report. Unnamed industry sources claim that Apple intends to build between three and five million iWatches a month. Most analysts and researchers in the market are saying those are huge numbers that are not feasible at this point or maybe even next year. Apple didn’t confirm anything so chances are the rumors came from some sort of third-party sources.

If you look at the company in its entirety and what it’s done, you’ll notice that it doesn’t tend to jump into markets very quickly. It allows the other companies to figure things out and jumps in only when it feels that there is demand. We see this right now with SmartBands from companies like Jawbone and Nike. Wearable devices like the iWatch are still considered uncharted waters by many. So instead, we think Apple might be going first for the SmartBand in order to build its HealthKit and features like we heard about at WWDC. It can then worry about the iWatch next year. We’re not sure that Apple or any other company can convince consumers to buy a SmartWatch yet. It’s easier for the company to make that sell with the SmartBand and sort of put its toes in the water a little bit first.

There is still a big question as to whether the iWatch is going to be similar to a bracelet or an actual watch. There’s the third possibility that it will be both, and the fourth possibility that it will be neither. Interestingly enough, an Apple ad that promoted wearable computing and fitness came out recently. It’s sort of ironic that when the iWatch comes out, it will be competing against the very devices that it was promoting in that ad. Apple has become a little more reliable in the last couple of years. The company is somewhat more predictable now and their secrecy shroud is not what it used to be anymore. We think that big news organizations like Nikkei might indeed know something about the iWatch, but we should take this with a grain of salt regardless.

At any rate, details are very scarce at the moment so we’ll have to wait for the story to develop before we can say anything else for certain. Stay tuned as we bring you all the latest news and updates.