Sony’s cheap PlayStation TV will become available this fall in the US

Sony changed the name of its new set-top media box device into the PlayStation TV and rumors have it that it will be the best set-top box on the market. The PS Vita TV, as it was called before, was announced and will be released during the E3 in the United States, Canada and Europe. The PlayStation TV was already released in Japan last year and the PS fans in the US could only dream of using it until now. Enriched with apps for extremely popular streaming services, Netflix and many others, the device will also be able to play every single PlayStation Vita game on the TV.  Be careful, this is not the PlayStation TV called the PlayStation 3D Display. This is just a small and elegant device that fits everywhere and it only costs $99. For those who are interested in buying a DualShock 3 controller, too, the PlayStation TV will cost $139. This price also includes an HDMI cable for various connections, an 8 GB memory card and a copy of the “Lego Movie” game. Impressive, huh?

The number of games someone can play on the PlayStation TV is bigger than 1000. Nevertheless, the PS consumers can always access Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service. This service will become available on the 31st of July, running the beta version.  This is not just a rumor, giving the fact that Shawn Layden confirmed the price and the arrival of the product in the US, this fall. Sony’s website has a lot of information to offer about the PlayStation Now platform and the supported devices here.

The microconsole first named the Playstation Vita TV will surely be embraced by the PS fans, as it is so comfortable to use it. More than that, the firmware that it will wear will most probably fix many of the compatibility issues that have been encountered lately.  The device will be comparable to the Apple TV or the Ouya device, all three at the same price. Looking at the other set-top boxes, though, it looks like the PlayStation TV will have no adversary on the market.

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