PS4 exclusive Bloodborne presents many challenges to From Software

Bloodborne is an upcoming action RPG developed by From Software, the studio behind Demon Souls and Dark Souls. The title was officially revealed during E3 2014 although it had been previously leaked on a number of forums and websites. Initially called Project Beast, this is the first game developed by the company for the PS4. Director Hideteka Miyazaki recently spoke with Famitsu (via DualShockers) about the upcoming title and revealed that the team’s first project on the PlayStation 4 presents them with many challenges. Miyazaki was also asked if he was in any way concerned that Bloodborne might not live up to the fans’ already high expectations. Furthermore, the game is one of the few Japanese PS4 titles coming to the western market so the stakes are high.

“I’m not particularly worried about that. As far as I’m concerned, whether it’s for overseas or for Japan, I make games to please people that love games. That’s it. That hasn’t changed even with this new title. After that, I’ll let the folks at the publisher Sony do their best. (laughs) Since this is a new game on a completely new hardware, this is a title that presents many challenges to us. Yet, I think this is a game very much in line with what we are. The fundamental production philosophy didn’t change from the times of Demon’s Souls and it’s making “a real game for those that love games.”

From Software has a reputation for creating very good and extremely difficult games. As far as we can tell, Bloodborne isn’t going to be any different. It’s good to see Hideteka Miyazaki confident that the title will please gamers, but I guess he already knows what fans expect from the company and plans to deliver it. His statement about the challenges presented by the PS4 is only natural given that it’s the first time they’re developing for the platform. From Software has not disappointed us until now and I’m sure they will offer a great game this time as well. Actually, most people seem inclined to believe that Bloodborne will be even better than it’s predecessors and I have to agree. From the footage we’ve seen, the title looks amazing and comes with lots of improvements over Dark Souls and Demon Souls in terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics.

An exact date for Bloodborne has not been announced yet, but we’ve learned at E3 that the game is scheduled to launch sometime next year. Stay tuned for more news and updates.