5 New Android apps worth checking out!

Thousands of new apps show up daily on the Google Play Store and many go unnoticed exactly by the people who would need them most. We are going to try to change that, by bringing five great Android apps into the spotlight for your consideration. Tell us which one you would be interested to use in the comment section. We hope you’ll find these new Android apps useful to you.

Echo Notification Lock screen

Echo Lockscreen filters through your notifications and displays the ones that are important in an orderly manner on your lockscreen. No need for you to check trough unnecessary messages, this app will do it for you. Echo Notification will replace your default lockscreen with a simple, high-end looking page that displays your notifications already sorted. You can flip trough all your important notifications and leave the rest for a later read. You can even set up reminders to bounce back messages at a better time.


Luminosity is an app designed to train your memory, attention and more. It was created by neuroscientists and has its foundations extensive research in neuroplasticity. Challenge your brain with daily scientific games to improve your core cognitive abilities, exercise your memory and speed up your problem solving skills. Luminosity will provide you with daily brain workout focusing on the areas you’re interested in improving. Each of these workouts will take between ten to fifteen minutes to complete in total and will consist of five games. You can subscribe to Luminosity Premium for $11.95 a month or for $59.95 for a whole year is you plan to use the app that much.


If you like to read a lot, this app is perfect for you. It’s a very good book reading app for your tablet or smartphone that will offer you 30 days of free trial period with unlimited access to over 500.000 books. Oyster is a well designed e-reader with a few clever design ideas. You can add as many books as you like to your reading list and the last 10 titles opened will be downloaded for offline reading. No rush to finish a book in order to start another.  Oyster is only $9.95 a month and gives you unlimited access to all of the titles found in its library.

Terrain Home: Sidebar & Search

Terrain is a homescreen for Android that makes your devices simpler and streamlined by putting everything in one place. It’s easily customizable as well. Terrain has 3 main features: sidebar, search and app drawer. The sidebar will contain news, apps, contacts and social media alerts, as the search features fill let you find anything fast. The apps drawer will help you stay organized by displaying all you apps alphabetically. The contents of the sidebar can be easily changed in order to best suit your needs. Terrain will let you change your homescreen grid size in order to fit more icons on your screen.

Parallels Access

Parallels Access is a fast and reliable app that gives you remote access to all your Windows and Mac files and applications from your Android phone or tablet. The app will let you access single files and even edit them if need be. With Parallels Access you will no longer have to worry about the files you forgot to bring with you.

We hope that our list of new apps proved useful to at least some of you. What Android apps are you using on you smartphone or tablet and which ones would you recommend to others? Share with us in the comment section.