Nvidia to launch their own streaming device

According to the BBC, Nvidia are preparing to launch their own gaming device. It is set to run the companies GeForce Experience system, which allows players to stream games directly through their PC. The new gaming machine will be able to boost its processing power on the road by linking up to a PC that has a more powerful graphics card over the internet. While Nvidia didn’t confirm the reported details, a spokesperson did say the company had an “awesome new gaming product that is launching soon”.

The BBC also reports that the new device will also be able to play Android games as it uses the Tegra K1 chip, a new mobile chip that uses both an ARM CPU along with a 192-core GPU. Nick Parker, a consultant at Parker Consulting explained that the device might be a way for Nvidia to test the chip and get more exposure for it. Speaking to the BBC he said: “Nvidia may not be so interested in how many it sells, but rather the feedback it obtains.” The company are also set to release a budget controller that can be used with the device, making it more of a specialised gaming device. Although it will also be able to operate as more

If Nvidia do release a streaming game console, it will be set to compete with Valve’s Steam Machine and Googles new Android TV system. Both will allow gamers to stream titles directly through a broadband internet connection, while Valve are set to release their own controller to go along with the specialised PC’s. The company will be hoping the new device can perform better than the Nvidia Shield, their handhold console that released in 2013. Despite receiving strong critical acclaim it has gone on to perform poorly commercially and has largely been a failure for Nvidia.