Further changes to Battlefield Hardline announced

Another round of changes has been brought to Battlefield Hardline thanks to feedback from beta testers. The Community’s Most Wanted List sees developer Visceral Games looking at the most requested changes by those who have played the game and making those changes. The latest edition details changes that include balancing the mechanic class so that it is better suited to more combat situations and further optimizing the HUD for players. Some other changes that Visceral Games are aimed at making Battlefield Hardline more immersive, such as adding more interactive objects and improving the audio situational awareness. Further modifications can be seen below:

  • REDUCING FREQUENCY OF EXPLOSIVES – We have heard your complaints about breaking the cops and robbers experience with the amount of heavy explosive weaponry available – but we didn’t want to sacrifice fun!  We’ve made changes to reduce the frequency of explosive use to focus on the core gameplay, and we’ve made the use of explosives much more believable now.
  • MAKING ROUNDS LAST LONGER – A significant amount of feedback during the Beta was received regarding the quick progression of rounds.  We’ve made tweaks to both Heist and Blood Money that should help make the experiences last longer without sacrificing any of the fun.
  • IMPROVING INTERROGATION – We’ve worked out some changes to the T62 CEW and the Interrogation mechanic.  We’re working on making Interrogation only show enemies in a radius around the captured enemy, but show the marked enemies as if they had been Active Spotted by a teammate – making it both more useful and less powerful at the same time.

Visceral Games had already spoken about how they would user feedback gathered from players in the recent beta test. They revealed two weeks ago a number of changes that included the speed of movement and the amount of camera bounce that occurs when being supressed by enemy fire. Other modifications included adding weak spots to vehicles, making objects that are elevated easier to find on screen and reducing camera shake when the environment is destroyed. Battlefield Hardline is the latest game in the first-person shooter Battlefield series. Eschewing the traditional army settings, Hardline will instead focus on a “cops versus robbers” theme. It will see players attempting to either prevent criminals from escaping from bank heists and other crimes, while the robbers will be looking to evade police and keep their freedom.

A second beta is due to launch in fall, nearer release. It will be available on all platforms rather than limited to PC like the recent beta for the game. Battlefield Hardline is due to hit store shelves October 21 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.