Meet Gnar, the next League of Legends Champion

Yesterday Riot released a video that teases the next Champion to be added to League of Legends. The new addition goes by the name of Gnar and is mostly shrouded in mystery so far. A series of primitive cave drawings describe his story on the preview page and they’re all we have to go on at the moment. It’s certainly nice of Riot to put our imagination to work, but I would have preferred a straight up description. Regardless, if I were to speculate on the meaning of the drawings I would say that the story begins a long time ago when Gnar was living happily with his family until something went amiss. The next drawing depicts either a huge monster or some sort of cataclysm, I’m not really sure.

In any case, Gnar’s family was torn apart, which naturally left him felling all angry and bitter. Then, for some unexplained reason he was then entombed in ice until now. The recent teaser shows Gnar breaking out of his icy prison and ready to join the League of Legends roster. Needless to say, he is still angry over the loss of his family and may be looking for blood so Champions beware! This might not be the story at all, but the drawings do a pretty poor job at depicting what really happened so we can only speculate. There aren’t any other details from Riot as of yet and we don’t know when we can expect to find out more. However, there is a post on the League of Legends forums (via PC Gamer) that could reveal what Gnar is and what he can do.

“Let me present Gnar, The Snowmass Sorrow. This “cute” yordle is one that enjoys living in cold areas and learnt to master the power of cold and Ice, like nunu. Unlike nunu, Gnar focuses on area denial and crowd control in some extent.” This was posted as a Champion suggestion back in 2012 and is seems that Riot finally decided to take it into consideration. We have no idea if their Gnar will be exactly the same as the one suggested by the user, but we can at least expect him to be heavily inspired by the original one. We’ ll just have to wait until he’s added to League of Legends in order to find out for sure. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn something new so stay tuned.