Revolv launches the long-awaited Android app

The release of Revolv’s new app for Android was finally announced today, as the company moves forward towards its connected house vision. Apart from the Android launch, Revolv also announced its support for the Nest Learning Thermostat. Both launches are meant to boost the company’s popularity, against competitors like Staples Connected Hub and Wink Hub, both already having Android apps and costing less compared to the $300 Revolv smart hub. Other companies like Revolv share the same connected house vision. Multiple devices connected to each other through a single interface that works as a router for all smart house gadgets.

The competition in markets such as this refers to the number of smart devices an interface can control, and until now, Revolv did pretty good, considering it can control a reasonable number of smart devices like Philips Hue LEDs or Belkin WeMo Switches. Revolv allowed iOS users to control smart devices until now, but due to its Android app, other smartphone users can enjoy the pleasures of a connected house. Due the new Nest official support, users can control their thermostat better than before and have a multi-device control over a room.

The support for both apps include a new smart feature, namely, using smartphones as presence sensors that know when unauthorized people are around or in the house. Using smartphones as presence sensors is similar to the feature of SmartThings, which is another one of the competitors Revolv wants to surpass. As the smart connected house market is growing, many companies invested in smart devices that can be controlled with smartphones. As Revolv released a new Android app and updated the app for iOS running smartphones, dealing with competition should be much easier.

Both the upgraded app and the new app for Android smartphones are scheduled for release today. The Revolv Hub is now for sale on Revolv’s web site, Amazon, You can also find the Revolv Hub in stores, probably in the Home Depots, an area dominated by Wink Hub until recently. But who knows? Perhaps the new Android app will actually succeed to make Revolv more reliable, and a worthy competitor on the smart house market.