Minecon will not take place this year, says Mojang COO.

Mojang’s COO, Vu Bui, announced that Minecon will not take place this year, but that it will return in 2015 in London.

The Minecraft convention has been taking place every year since 2010, this being the first year without an edition. Vu released his statement following a large number of questions that the company was asked about Minecon. According to the COO, before this time last year, everyone knew the date, location and ticket info for the 2013 edition of the convention. This year, however, Mojang decided to skip the event because they want to be able to give it all the attention it needs. The company did not announce anything else about Minecon 2015, because they want to make sure they can follow through with the event and have a signed contract before telling the fans.

Certain speculations, however, tell a completely different story. Apparently, Mojang is afraid of the public backlash caused by their decision to enforce rules in their EULA. Long story short, Minecraft is based on the community that plays it. At the same time, Minecon is also dedicated to the gamers who make YouTube videos of Mojang’s game. These gamers, though, are currently outraged by the company’s decision to stop servers from charging for any gameplay features except the cosmetic ones. The new rules that Mojang is enforcing state that server owners are no longer allowed to charge their users for items that affect gameplay, such as xp boosts, access to certain game modes or in-game items. The company is concerned because they have received countless emails from parents demanding their money back, money that their children had spent buying stuff on a server that Mojang doesn’t have control over. On the other side, while trying to keep the game a great experience by removing these charges, the company realizes that server owners have to cover their expenses somehow. Therefore, they announced that these people can run advertisements or accept donations. Also, Mojang held an internal meeting in which they tried to find ways to help server owners keep their servers running without having their users ‘pay for gameplay’.