Titanfall will keep getting new content regularly, but not for much longer

Respawn Entertainment did a very good job at supporting Titanfall post-launch by adding new content on a regular basis. The game already has two DLC packs in the form of Expedition and Frontier’s Edge, with another one called IMC Rising scheduled to arrive later this Fall. Moreover, Respawn also released a fair number of updates, which added a lot of free content to the game such as Titan Burn Cards, Titan Insignias and the Black Market among others. Keep in mind that this has been going on for more than six months already and Respawn will have to “wind down” eventually. The studio will definitely continue to support Titanfall for now, but it looks like they’re also working on something else and they will need to focus on their other projects sooner or later.

“Alongside the paid DLC maps we have been doing free content updates, with the next one being on I think the 6th?” Community manager Abbie Heppe says. “So we do have some plans to release some more free content, we’ve got some cool new modes on the way. But at a certain point, we are going to have to wind down so that we can move on and do other things. Because we’ve done a lot of post launch [support], I mean – six months of updates plus, and that includes Titan Burn Cards, the Insignias for Titans, the Black Market as well as all the normal hotfixes and weapon tweaks and stuff like that, so yeah, at a certain point we’ve got to give some people a break and then think about where we go next.”

While it’s clear that Respawn is already working on their next major project, we can still expect to see some new content in the near future. For now, we’re looking forward to the IMC Rising DLC, which adds the Backwater, Sandtrap, and Zone 18 maps to Titanfall. “What I really like about them is I think the design team has been having even more fun with them,” Heppe says about the upcoming DLC. “The more maps you build for the game, the more familiar you become with the cool ways to get pilots to move through the world and really thinking about that Pilot-Titan dynamic.” IMC Rising will be available for $10, just like the Expedition and Frontier’s Edge DLCs. Alternatively, you can get all three content packs by purchasing the Titanfall Season Pass, which is currently available at a discount and only costs 20 bucks.