Smartphone-mounted camera from Sony will let you change lenses

Smartphone cameras have been all the rage for the past year, with selfie phones coming out on a treadmill and better and better camera specs rivaling among smartphone manufacturers. Sony decided to trump all efforts of other major companies with its new smartphone-mounted camera that allows users to change lenses.

If you are not bothered by carrying another accessory around and are in need of a good camera that is incorporated into your smartphone, saving you some valuable space when moving around, this piece of news is for you. I would personally choose a camera mount to carry around, because it allows for much better performance, quality photos and professional features, and the fact that Sony will allow me to change the lenses is definitely a plus.

For all you photography geeks out there, this comes as good news. The Xperia Blog has released a few pics showing us a new set of mountable lenses, dubbed Sony ILCE-QX1. The ILCE-QX1 is a lens camera system that would work with interchangeable E-mount style lenses. This addition to Sony’s portfolio is the first mountable set of lenses that are interchangeable, the previous ones like QX10 and QX100 were fixed-lens only.

The QX100 is a gadget fit for professionals, with an appropriate price tag of $500. The model is based on Sony’s RX100 camera, which is a powerful device. According to rumors the QX1 will have an even larger APS-C (26.7 mm) sensor and take compatible E-Mount lenses. These are the only specs Xperia Blog has leaked online, but we can assume that the camera will be controlled via the smartphone it will be strapped to and will hopefully have its own microSD card slot built in.

Even though this type of device usually costs fairly more than standard, fixed lens cameras, Sony might amaze us, as it has done before, by making the gadget a bit more affordable than expected. You can check out the QX1 in the photos below.