Fable Anniversary on the PC gets an official release date and new trailer

Earlier this year, Microsoft had re-released the original Fable on the Xbox 360, calling it Fable Anniversary. The game boasts updated visuals and audio, in addition to including the ‘Lost Chapters’ bonus content and an extra-challenging ‘Heroic’ difficulty. Now, said upgraded version is about to be released on the PC, as Microsoft has announced its official launch date – September 12th. To celebrate, the publisher has unveiled a new trailer, which you can watch below.


Besides the obvious enhanced visuals – sporting improved fidelity, lighting, and special effects, all running on the Unreal Engine 3 – developer Lionhead Studios breaths new life into this fairly-old title (after all, it was originally released back in 2004) by providing gamers with a new user interface system that has been designed to simplify and make it faster and easier to explore the rich world of Fable and its menus. In addition to lightning-fast load-times, the game offers an all-new save-system that has been built from the ground up to provide the player with the ability to save anytime, anywhere – including during quests. Fable Anniversary also revitalises the features that Fable fans have come to love with an updated, optional control scheme acclimated for fans that loved the play-styles of Fable II and Fable III.

Fable Anniversary also includes new achievements¬† that are guaranteed to challenge and surprise new players and even the most veteran Fable fans, as they explore the world of Albion again. Of course, the achievements have been changed to suit the hardware differences between the PC and the Xbox 360. As mentioned above, the PC version also comes packed with the ‘Heroic’ difficulty option, which makes enemies harder to beat, potions scarcer, and money harder to earn. Unfortunately, Fable Anniversary has been met with mixed to average reviews from the industry critics, most of them agreeing that Lionhead Studios has made a decent effort of porting the game onto a newer generation, even though Fable Anniversary hasn’t stood the test of time.