iPhone 6 camera leak and rumor round-up

The iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated handsets of the year and so far all we know for sure is that there will be two versions of the flagship: a phablet and a regular iPhone 6.

The latest leak from Feld & Volk involving the iPhone 6 has to do with the 5.5 inch phablet-sized iPhone 6’s camera. Images online have showed up revealing the rear shooter of the iPhone 6. Apparently, compared to the camera on the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 6’s camera will be a tad thinner than its predecessor, albeit a bit larger in size. With this in mind, we can deduce a few things about the upcoming iPhone 6 phablet: it will probably be a thinner version of previous models and will probably include optical image stabilization.

You can see for yourself from the pictures below, courtesy of Feld & Volk:

Further information about the camera configuration on the iPhone 6 suggest that the 4.7 inch version will have a different camera than the 5.5 inch iPhone 6, judging by the rear shell that has previously surfaced online. The leaked images portraying the 5.5 inch iPhone 6’s camera show a shooter that will definitely not fit in the rear shell model we’ve seen already. The differentiating factor between the two phones might even be the optical image stabilization feature.

A speaker and microphone mesh were also leaked by the same website, belonging to different color variants of the iPhone 6. A rubber seal placed around the iPhone 6’s button has also been rumored to exist, which would be a new addition to the iPhone, probably to increase dust and moisture resistance, hinting maybe at some sort of IP certification.

The company that has leaked this information has so many parts at hand because they have been known to release luxury versions of iPhones just after their release, so clearly the company is doing its best to acquire all the parts it needs in order to release their own iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 phablet as soon as the official release of Apple’s new flagships occurs.

One of the highly anticipated features of the new iPhone 6 is that it will come with Apple’s new mobile payment system, which would mean that you will be able to use your iPhone 6 at counters for purchases. Presumably, Apple will include NFC and a certain chip into the hardware of the iPhone’s so that the iPhone 6 can become a scannable device that holds all your credit card information. American Express, Mastercard and Visa are rumored to be already aboard the Apple mobile payment ship. This move will essentially turn the iPhone 6 into a virtual wallet, eliminating the need for physical cards… and for a wallet per se. With the recent security breach at iCloud, though, the mobile payments system Apple is thinking about might not take off as fast as the company would want it to.

Since any gadget that has at least some form of connectivity is hackable, you might be a little skeptical about letting your phone keep all the data about your credit cards, bank accounts and who knows how many other cards you’ll be able to use with the system. Since the internet has never been a secure place to store information, it surely won’t become one just because Apple wants it to. And I think it’s actually better this way, because increased security would mean some kind of third-party involvement and a checking system implementation. Which is never good.

In any case, with or without NFC mobile payment systems, the iPhone 6 remains the most anticipated handset of the year. There have also been some price leaks about the gadget, some putting the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 between $860 and $1100, depending on storage configuration and between $1030 and $1250 for the phablet-sized iPhone 6, depending on storage configuration. Regarding storage, there is a fair amount of certainty around 128 GB versions of the flagships, which will be one of the best features of the phones when they come out.

Other rumors include a sapphire screen display, but that has been disputed a lot lately, since production and labor availability issues have arisen within the company. A flexible display description has been thrown around by some people, while a barometer and a programmable power button moved to the side have been mentioned, too. And that’s about all we know about the iPhone 6 for now.

Apple has scheduled a mysterious event for September 9, so we’ve only got a few days left until we find out what is in store for Apple fans, including the iWatch, iPad, MacBook and of course, the two iPhone 6 models everybody has been rambling on about.