Gear S Diesel Black Gold edition announced by Samsung

Samsung is being very fashionable lately and the Gear S is no exception. After introducing the Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung convinced many that they are indeed capable of designing a cool device.

The fun thing is that besides the announcement of more smartphones in the Galaxy Alpha line, resembling the metallic Galaxy Alpha, Samsung decided to bring its latest smartwatch onto the stage: the Gear S will come with new, highly fashionable Diesel Black Gold S Straps. We’ve already learned about the Gear S Swarovski edition, with an S Strap made with Swarovski’s Crystal Fine Mesh. But it seems like that wasn’t enough for Samsung.

The Gear S Diesel Black Gold S Strap will be available in multiple styles, the company stating that their inspiration comes from new wave pop culture. The Gear S does look stunning in the photos, with elegant metallic design and a sleek flow of materials around the watch. Diesel took advantage of the Gear S curved body and built its designs to emphasize that feature.

The Gear S is one of the best newcomers on the wearable gadget market, with it being among the few wearable devices that can function to its maximum without having to connect to a smartphone like the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4. One of these Diesel designed S Straps would go perfectly with the Galaxy Alpha, though, with the studded metallic finish. What’s more important is that the Gear S has a 3G radio antenna besides Bluetooth which means that you can place calls and receive them directly from the watch. Much like Sony’s SmartBand Talk, the Gear S allows you to use your watch to its fullest without having to carry your phone around, which is a great feature with fitness enthusiasts in mind.

Gear S specs rival those of the newly announced Apple Watch and since it features 3G and WiFi, it certainly is a better pick than most of the smartwatches out there. Since Apple has put so much emphasis on the appearance of the Apple Watch, it comes as a natural response from other manufacturers to try and improve the design of their own timepieces with the help of designers. We don’t have information about the price the Diesel Gear S Straps will have. Alas, since they will be designer-made, limited editions probably, they’ll probably cost a little more than the average watchband.

Samsung has also announced that it will be releasing a 360 degree runway show presentation for the Gear S Diesel Black Gold edition to Galaxy Gear VR headset users.