Microsoft Studio in charge of Gears of War development

Rod Fergusson, the game studio manager from Microsoft Black Tusk will be embarking on a mission to deliver Gears of War fans the best gaming rush they have had so far. After over a decade of experience, he states he is truly excited about creating the sequel of Gears of War, and talks about the challenges that lie ahead in this new project. He says Gears of War will be the studio’s debut release and will be available exclusively on Xbox. He states the following:  “When you live with a franchise for seven years, there were people at Epic who were kind of done – like I wanted to do something else interesting. But when you look at Black Tusk it is just a pure, raw, pool of energy and excitement for what they want to do.”

Rod also shared some laid back moments he has had with his team: “… walking through the studio and Gears of War is on every screen, we’re playing multiplayer together and we’re playing horde together, and doing all this different stuff. Just to have that fresh enthusiasm is really invigorating.” Fergusson relates that he is pleased that Gears of War is under Microsoft at the present time, as he feels that his old studio, Epic was lacking in resources and man power to deliver the game he had always envisioned. He feels that Microsoft has all the resources needed in order “to do more,” in his own words. Fergusson disclosed that Gears of War will be rolling on Unreal 4 Engine which will be the core of the game, and promises a stunning end result.

Ferguson concluded with the following: “You actually have to betray them enough to give them something new and surprising but not so much that they disconnect, and I think that is a big thing that we have to focus on. It’s how we can innovate and bring something new to the franchise while at the same time really proving that we understand Gears – that this is the franchise that you know and love.” The fans of the franchise will surely be following the latest news on this subject, as Gears of War will be one of the hottest if not the hottest title for Xbox users.