Why not to buy first generation Apple products

The newest smart creation from Apple is their Apple Watch, and it’s been one of the talking points of past week’s tech media. Tim Cook has announced that the gadget will be available somewhere around early 2015, so those loyal Apple fans will have to wait a little bit longer. Since it was presented to the public, there have been many voices of criticism and praise at the same time, but the fact of the matter is it is too soon to make an assessment at a first glance. So, to play is safe, you shouldn’t buy the 1.0 version, tech experts say. Apple has always been coming in strong with their new releases delivering quality products, but they have also had adjusting periods in almost every case, as the company’s first tier of new releases are usually imperfect.

There are many examples in this case in which Apple’s bread and butter was doubted among reviewers and mainstream consumers. When the first iPad came out in 2010, it was heavily criticized, many experts calling it a larger version of the iPod touch. While it set the tone for a new design tendency, it was quite big and its Apple A4 with 256 RAM often caused performance problems among IOS 5 users. Obviously this was not the best choice if you wanted to buy an iPad at the time, but Apple learned from their mistakes, got to work and delivered a greatly improved version: the iPad 2. This new iPad featured a much faster 512 RAM chip which is still being used today for low-end iDevices.

The iPad Mini also makes a case here. Intended as a downsized replacement for the iPad 2, it was very acclaimed by experts and Apple users, until it was replaced with the Retina iPad Mini. Moving along, the MacBook Air which was first launched in 2008, had known CPU overheating issues and lazy 4200 rpm HDDs, forcing Apple to develop a program to provide support for out of warranty devices. Two years later, the new Macbook was completely redesigned, featuring an aluminium chassis and fast SSD units as standard, with good overall results. In other words, experts advise not to jump in and buy Apple’s first generation products freshly off the line, in spite of the good ideas the company has usually managed to implement, simply because some software and hardware glitches will be most likely present until one or two revisions of their newly launched products will have been made.

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